My Name: Erik van Mourik Age: 37 Years Profession: Car Mechanic Six years of age, I started with Judo, this is a nice sport to start in the martial arts world. This I have continued until my sixteenth year of age. Sixteen years of age I started with Jiu-Jitsu, a dynamic sport where the whole body is used to defend yourself. Along came weapons such as stick, knife and gun. In the mean time I did several martial arts, watched and learned from it. Such as: Krav-Maga, Russian Combat, Taekwondo, Pancrase and Defendo-Kai. I wanted to be skilled in a variety of martial arts. That's why I followed a course of Knife Fighting. It became rapidly clear that Knife Fighting brings completely different skills in comparison to other martial arts. Because Ton and I like knife fightingand others start asking to teach knife fighting, the idea has risen to start the Dutch Combat and Knife Fighting School. With the DCKFS we hope that we can teach other people the basics of knife fighting. Experience: - Instructor DCKFS - Basic instructor Philippino Knife Fighting - Basic instructor Jiu-Jitsu 3rd degree - 29 years of experience with several martial arts
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