Since mankind, people fight each other with weapons. Not only are weapons used in wars, but people also use them in brawls in the streets. Some martial arts devote themselves for centuries in defence of weapon attacks. As a consequence, many different styles arose in all parts of the world. All learning the art of defending oneself to weapon attacks, where the defender can use a weapon himself or with bear hands. In the Oriental world, it was and still is a common thing to use a knife in self-defence. Of course in the contemporary West, this cannot be tolerated. It's only legal to control someone with a knife in a fight. On the above mentioned there are some exceptions. In some professions (e.g. government special forces) people are taught to eliminate others with a knife. Even till today the ancient techniques are still being used, some adjusted to the contemporary world, other techniques are still the same as centuries ago. Adjustment of the techniques is necessary, because the aggressors also adjust their attacks. Old techniques thus, become obsolete to certain (adjusted) attacks. The Dutch Combat and Knife Fighting School (DCKFS), founded in 2003, has specialised itself into knife fighting techniques since. Inquiry showed that the Filipino Knife fighting system is the best and most modern system that is used today. This system is a complete system at is own. D.C.K.F.S. uses besides the Filipino system, also some tactical and biomechanical principles of Ju-Jitsu and Aikido. Few elements of different styles are also added. During a D.C.K.F.S training most people experience that fighting with a knife requires other forms of discipline and coordination. Important to know is, that through practice with simple techniques and objects, skills improve. Body stands, irradiation and the techniques an sich trigger maximum development, both in a physical and a mental way.
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