Welcome to the website of DCKFS. Nowadays it is no luxury to be able to defend yourself against knife attacks. More often you read in the newspapers that there are casualties of stabbing accidents. At the Dutch Combat and Knife Fighting school (DCKFS) you learn Knife Fighting as a way to defend yourself in various ways against knife attacks. You even learn to use a knife to defend yourself. A knife is and will always be a fearsome weapon and nust always be considered very dangerous. DCKFS-Knife Fighting is different from any other matial arts. DCKFS Knife Fighting is teached in a structural manner to make it possible for every individual to defend themselves against knife attacks, if necessary with a knife. During the lessons and training periods safety and pleasure are very important. Rapidly you will see you that your physical condition improves, that your responses become faster and that you will improve your moves. All lessons are given by expert and graduated instructors. The DCKFS system is composed from several knife fighting styles. The foundation of DCKFS are the practical and tactical principles from Philippino knife fighting. This has been complemented with techniques and movements from JiuJitsu and Aikido. Also nice techniques and movements from others styles are added. The DCKFS system is developed by Ton Bleijenberg and Erik van Mourik and is a practical system that will let you experience all facets of a modern martial art.
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